The 2018 Pan Am Water Ski Championships officially came to an end on Sunday. Canada finished with some incredible results! Congratulations to all the athletes, coaches and families.  
The Canadian teams finished with some great overall results
Under 14 Team: Gold Medal
Under 17 Team: Bronze Medal 
Under 21 Team: Silver Medal 
Over 35 Team: Bronze Medal
Over 45 Team: Silver Medal
Over 55 Team: Silver Medal
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The U.S. Elite Water Ski Team won the overall team gold medal, scoring 8,401.12 points. Canada earned the silver medal (7,897.83 points) and Chile earned the bronze medal (7,022.26 points) in the nine-team field. Members of the Elite Water Ski Team were: Taryn Grant (MB), Dorien Llewellyn (AB), Alex Paradis (QC), Paige Rini (ON), Neilly Ross (ON) and Guillaume Tetrault (QC).

Taryn Grant won 5th in women’s slalom (1,50/55/11.25) and silver in women’s jump (50,0M (164ft)). Neilly Ross won silver in women’s slalom (4,00/55/11.25) and 5th in women’s trick. Paige Rini won 4th overall and 4th in women’s slalom (3,00/55/11.25), 4th in women’s trick (7890) and 4th in women’s jump ((144ft). Guillaume Tetreault placed 4th in men’s trick (9990). Dorien Llewellyn won silver in men’s trick (10660), 5th in men’s jump (191ft) and won silver overall. Alex Paradis placed 10th in men’s trick and 6th in men’s jump. Congratulations to all. 


The Canadian U17 Water Ski Team won the bronze medal overall. Members of the U17 team were Avery Cocleugh (AB), Ilan Klein (ON), Sean Kraus (AB), Carter Lucas (SK), Rebecca Ramsay (ON) and Hannah Stopnicki (QC).

Avery Cocleugh placed 10th in trick, 8th in jump and 7th overall. Rebecca Ramsay placed 12th in slalom, 6th in jump and 6th overall. Hannah Stopnicki placed 8th in trick. Ilan Klein placed 6th in boys slalom (2,50/58/12.00). Sean Kraus placed 4th in boys slalom (1,50/58/11.25), placed 6th in boys trick (5320), 8th in boys jump and bronze overall (2133,33). Lucas Carter placed 15th in boys slalom, 9th in boys trick and, 5th in boys jump (46,5m (153ft) and 6th overall.


The Canadian U21 Water Ski Team won the silver medal overall. The members of the U21 team are Dominique Grondin-Allard (QC), Jamie Calhoun (ON), Conley Pinette (BC) and Neilly Ross (ON)

Dominique Grondin-Allard placed 5th in slalom, 6th in tricks and 4th in jump. Neilly Ross won silver in slalom (1,50/55/11.25) and gold in trick (8750). Jamie Calhoun placed 4th in slalom (2,50/58/11.25). Conley Pinette placed 5th in slalom, won gold in trick (7050), silver in jump (59,8m (196ft)) and gold overall. Congratulations to all. 

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