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Super Stars of the Month


Instagram post 2231590011638636867_4133900391 After a devastating bus crash left a Humboldt Broncos hockey player paralyzed, the power of sport compelled him to push through. Find out how adaptive watersport is carving out a new future for a community of athletes. 
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Instagram post 2230040576240401077_4133900391 The National Team has been busy this weekend with their training camp to get prepared for the upcoming season. The team is looking strong and ready to take on the best in the world! 🇨🇦💪
Instagram post 2222986624588228582_4133900391 IN LOVING MEMORY OF DAVE GOODE

The Canadian water ski community is deeply saddened by the news of David Goodes passing on Wednesday, January 15, 2020. David Goode was a pioneer in the water ski industry and was the Founder and President of GOODE skis. He will be missed.
Water Ski Canada extends our deepest condolences to the Goode family.

@wswbc  @waterskiwakeboardalberta @wswsask @wswmanitoba @waterskiontario @waterski_wakeboard_ns @wswcanada
Instagram post 2221951742504173868_4133900391 UPDATED RANKING LISTS NOW AVAILABLE – January 14, 2020

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Please contact Peter Person if you have any questions or concerns 📷 @crowderphoto 
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Instagram post 2203831088525428699_4133900391 Water Ski Canada, @waterskiwakeboardalberta and @skishalompark are thrilled to release Bulletin #1 for the 2020 Canadian Water Ski National Championships. The event will take place on August 4 - 9, 2020, in Edmonton, Alberta at #shalompark 
At the #2020cdnwaterskinats, we will crown Nationals Champions in slalom, trick, jump, overall in multiple divisions, and crown one participating Province with the award of Provincial Champion. Details are still being finalized, but on Sunday, we plan to bring back a modified version of the Canadian Open, including a Junior Open and Senior Open, in addition to the traditional Open Event held at Nationals. Additional information will be provided in a subsequent bulletin.

Click the link in the bio for bulletin #1 and more information. 
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Instagram post 2191814875565933651_4133900391 #Repost @dorienllewellyn ・・・
Only 3 days till the Llewellyn Legacy Edit is released on YouTube and distributed to social media! I’ll post a link on Instagram and the video will be on Facebook. Excited for everyone to see it! #lifeofawaterskier #waterski #llewellynlegacy #waterskiing #worldwaterskiers #teamcanski #waterskicanada
Instagram post 2167769859378043587_4133900391 These Juniors are making waves! The camp is done and these athletes had a huge development week with sports psychologist, team building, goal setting and excellent coaching from Canada’s own, @drewrosscan @matt_rini @colegrant_ski @stevebush53 @sportscanada