About Water Ski Canada


At Water Ski Canada (a council of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada) we believe that embracing the culture of water ski combined with a commitment to excellence is the foundation of who we are. Performance at the highest level comes from an athlete-focused approach to training, programs and coaching. Our athletes are amongst the best in the world, and our goal is to continue to provide them with the means to achieve their goals.

Water skiing is one of the most spectacular and exciting sports at the Pan American Games. Both feature thrilling aerial jumps and exhilarating speeds. Water skiing was invented in 1922 by an 18-year-old Minnesotan named Ralph Samuelson, who thought that if it was possible to ski on snow, then it was possible to ski on water. The first known water skiing competition was held in 1939. Water skiing was included as a demonstration sport at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich where the women’s gold medal was won by Pat Messner of Ottawa. Water skiing debuted at the Pan American Games in 1995.

Canada has enjoyed tremendous international water skiing success, second only to the United States in the number of team overall victories at the world championships. Canadian skiers have won individual and overall open world championship (held every two years) titles. Longtime national team member Jaret Llewellyn has won 9 World Titles,  117 professional wins and currently holds 11 World Records.

Water Ski Canada is a council of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada. Representing several brands, Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada has been in the business of serving the towed water sports community for over 50 years. Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada is a non-profit organization. It is the sole national sport governing body and recognized water skiing/wakeboard authority in Canada. It is affiliated with the International Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) and World Wakeboard Association (WWA). The national office is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada areresponsible for developing elite athletes and coaches, and in partnership with its provincial affiliates and local clubs, camps and schools, directs grassroots activities in all towed competitive water sports. Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is the national voice representing all competitive Canadian towed water sports – water skiing, the sport of wake, barefoot, marathon and adaptive.

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