• Canadian Air Force Award

    Canadian Air Force Award



    Over $1,000 in value. 


    1. Deadline: Friday, August 2nd.
    2. The video should be: 50-60 seconds
    3. Content: The video that will exemplify: 
    • Canadian spirit
    • Passion for jumping
    • Athletes commitment to the sport of jumping
    • Creativity and uniqueness
    • Athletes commitment to excellence on and off the water


    • video attachment
    • Dropbox
    • Google drive
    • Youtube

    Social Media: If you have an Instagram account, please include your Instagram handle/name in the submission email and we will tag you in the caption/comment when it is posted online.  


    The office will download and publish all video submissions to post under Water Ski Canada’s Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo accounts on Monday, August 5th.  Voting will close on Friday, August 9th.


    The final voting tally will be a weighted sum between the audience (Most “likes” get one of the three votes), Ryan Dodd and Steve Bush (3 total votes)


    The videos will be viewed on site at the 2019 Nationals. The winner will be announced at the Banquet. Please note that if you cannot attend Nationals, we will still accept your submission. 


    “Well done is better than well said.”

    Ryan set out to create an opportunity for up and coming Canadian Jumpers to showcase their unique talents, passion for the sport of jumping, and commitment to excellence. The Air Force award, will help motivate our youth to go through a process of documenting and capturing special moments throughout the summer. This will be a means of producing high quality content to promote the sport we all love so much. Ryan wants up and coming athletes to work hard, and commit to what they love to do most. Enjoy the process, jump smart, and have some fun!

    Ranked #1 in the World for 3 consecutive years

    2 Time  and Current World Champion

    2 Time and Current International Waterski Federation Athlete of the year

    Guinness Book of Records, Jump Record 254 Ft. 77.4M

    Owner of Stealth Products Inc.

    Pan Am Region Athlete Rep IWSF

    IWWF Athlete Representative to the Executive Board

    RD Homes of Hope, Builds Homes for Families in need in Mexico.

     Education / Experience

    • Bachelor of Business Administration – Management and Marketing
    • Owner Stealth Products Inc. (Waterski Gloves)
    • Straight Line Sports Product Development and Marketing Consultant
    • Developed Pro Tracker with SeaDek
    • Developed the only Jump Specific Helmet with Icaro
    • VP Stillwater Lakes 2011-Current
    • Trained motivational speaker through Esteem Team Canada
    • Husband and Father of Aria Rose Dodd

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  • Canadian Air Force Award Recipients

    2019 – Megan Pelkey



    2018 – Nellie Allard

  • Krystal Arvisais Award Information

    Krystal Arvisais Award Information

    Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) has established an annual award in honour and memory of Krystal Arvisais, a beloved international level Canadian water skier who, at age 21, tragically perished in an accident in December 2007. Krystal Arvisais, a native of Val-des-Monts, Quebec, represented Canada at the Pan Am Water Ski Championships and the Can Am Challenge, excelled in Canada and the United States, and was a 12-time medalist at Canadian Water Ski Championships.

    She was characterized by the Canadian water ski community as a person who clearly loved the sport, was sociable to all, and successfully combined the pursuit of post secondary studies while maintaining a high level of training.

    “Ski hard, smile always!”

    Click HERE to learn more about Krystal Arvisais


    One skier will be selected on an annual basis who best exemplifies the qualities of Krystal Arvisais in her skiing and regard for the sport.

    To be eligible for consideration, an individual must:

    • Be a male or female water skier, of any age;
    • Be an overall skier, participating in all three events (slalom, tricks, jump);
    • In normal circumstances, participate in the Canadian Water Ski Championships of the relevant year;
    • Be a student at a post-secondary school
    •Be a Canadian citizen.

    The award will be bestowed upon the eligible skier who best exemplifies the following qualities:

    •Love and passion for the sport of water skiing;
    •Sociability and friendliness within the water ski community;
    •Ability to laugh and make others smile;
    •Good sportsmanship;
    •Demonstrates a commitment to training;
    •Is a developing skier who demonstrates the ability to water ski at a high level, but who have not yet achieved National Team status;
    •Combines training in the pursuit of post-secondary education, or if still in middle or secondary school, with a high academic standing;


    Prior to the start of each Canadian Water Ski Championship, the WSWC President shall appoint a panel of three members who will be tasked with selecting the recipient of the Krystal Arvisais Award.

    The panel members shall determine any methodology by which to collect information about candidates and, ultimately, to select the recipient consistent with the above criteria. The recipient will be announced at the closing banquet of the annual Canadian Water Ski Championships.

  • Krystal Arvisais Award Recipients

    2019 – Mary-Lou Major QC
    2018 – Thomas Daigle QC
    2017 – Conley Pinette BC

    2016 – Janice Stevens ON
    2015 – Taryn Grant MB
    2014 – Cole Grant MB
    2013 – Megan Collins ON
    2010 – Amanda Amos ON
    2009 – Stephen Collins ON
    2008 – Karen Stevens ON

  • Manoo & Jean Gurjar Scholarship Information

    Manoo & Jean Gurjar Scholarship Information

    The Manoo and Jean Gurjar Legacy Fund was established in 2011 as a result of a legacy donation to Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) from Dr. Manoo and Jean Gurjar of Vancouver, British Columbia.

    Manoo Gurjar is a longtime and beloved water skier. In 2013, he continued to compete in the Men 9 category (75+), including at national championships where he consistently takes home hardware in the slalom event. Manoo’s smiling presence, friendliness, sharing of volunteer time, stories, photographs and food, have combined to make him a favourite personality at events. He continues to serve as a role model for one and all and is an ambassador for the sport wherever he travels.

    It is that love of the sport and its people, and generosity of spirit that prompted Manoo and wife, Jean, to make a donation to WSWC in order to create a Manoo and Jean Gurjar Legacy Fund that will result in annual financial assistance to support a Canadian skier’s(s’) pursuit of skiing and educational goals.


    The goal of the Legacy Fund is to provide annual financial support to the skiing and educational pursuits of 1 male and 1 female Canadian water skier annually who best represents the ideals established in honour of Manoo Gurjar. A Legacy Fund allocation of $1,000 will be allocated annually to each recipient.


    The skiers selected shall best exemplify the qualities and wishes of Manoo and Jean Gurjar in their regard for the sport and education.

    To be eligible for consideration, an individual must:
    ◾Have not received this bursary in the previous two (2) years
    ◾Be a male or female water skier, between the ages of 12 and 25 as at January 1 of the applicable year;
    ◾ Be attending a high school (as defined by the applicant’s home province) or a post-secondary school in the fall of 2021, with strong academic standing;
    ◾Be a Canadian citizen.

    The Legacy Fund award will be bestowed upon the eligible skiers who best exemplify the following qualities:

    ◾Love and passion for the sport of water skiing;
    ◾Sociability and friendliness within the water ski community (while social distancing);
    ◾Good sportsmanship;
    ◾Gives back to the sport in his or her own unique way;
    ◾Demonstrates a commitment to education;
    ◾Demonstrates a commitment to training and becoming better;
    ◾Demonstrates potential and drive to compete 


    The financial support should be used in support of water ski training and competitive pursuits, and/or tuition, books and other direct education-related expenses. Successful recipients must provide proof of registration in high school or postsecondary education during the 2021-2022 academic year.


    There will be an annual open call for applications, requiring the use of a specific Manoo and Jean Gurjar Legacy Fund Application Form, the deadline for submission is September 6, 2021

    WSWC shall appoint a panel of three members who will be tasked with reviewing applications and selecting the 2 recipients of the Manoo and Jean Gurjar Legacy consistent with the above criteria. The recipient(s) will be announced via social media on September 21, 2021


    The recipient(s) will also be presented with a keeper award that commemorates the honour of having been bestowed a Manoo and Jean Gurjar Legacy Fund award.


    CLICK HERE to apply

  • Manoo & Jean Furjar Scholarship Recipients

    2021 Rebecca Ramsay
    2021 Carter Lucas

    2020 Avery Colcleugh
    2020 Bradley Gibbons

    2019 Jaimee Bull
    2019 Sean Kraus

    2018 Taryn Grant
    2018 Jamie Calhoun

    2017 Melanie Calhoun
    2017 Brody Newton

    2016 Nicola Horwood
    2016 Conley Pinette

    2015 Geneva Roach
    2015 Adam Morris

    2014 Taryn Grant
    2014 Brett Walker

    2013 Cole Grant
    2013 Rachel Maj

    2012 Karen Stevens
    2012 Jed Leech

  • Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada Awards

    Water Ski & Wakeboard Canada Awards

    Click HERE for more information about WSWC’s award recipients and award information.

    Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada believe in supporting excellence by recognizing exceptional performances of our athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers. The objectives for these awards are:

    · To honour the best representatives of our sport
    · Stimulate our representatives in the pursuit of excellence
    · To favour the visibility of excellence throughout the country
    · To create a link of our excellence with our sponsors, and the public.

    Nominations are open to WSWC members (individuals, clubs, schools, and provincial associations). All individual nominees must be WSWC members in good standing and Canadian citizens. Nominations for each award must be made by any two WSWC members in good standing.

    Award Categories:

    · Male Athlete of the Year – Water Ski
    · Female Athlete of the Year – Water Ski
    · Junior Athlete of the Year (female or male) – Barefoot & Water Ski
    · Top Athlete of the Year (female or male) – Adaptive & Barefoot
    · Steve Bush Coach of the Year – amongst all disciplines
    · Official of the Year – amongst all disciplines
    · Volunteer of the Year – amongst all disciplines
    · Province of the Year

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us!
    Phone: (888) 526-0685×110.