Pan American 2016 Tournament

OTTAWA, ON – Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is pleased to announce its team for the 2016 IWWF Pan American Water Ski Championships.  Canada will send a group of twenty-five skiers to the Pan American Championships taking place in Chapala, Mexico, November 14-20, 2016.


“I am excited for this Team as we have strong representation in all events” said National Team Head Coach Steve Bush.
Steve Bush
Head Coach

Canada will be represented by the following athletes.

Official WSWC press release for the Pan American Championships 2016

Under 13 Team

  • Olivia Chute - Nova Scotia
  • Christopher Horwood - British Columbia
  • Jonathon Horwood - British Columbia
  • Evan Kraus - Alberta

Under 17 Team

  • Dominique Grondin Allard - Quebec
  • Conley Pinette - British Columbia
  • Paige Rini
  • Neilly Ross

Under 21 Team

  • Thomas Daigle - Quebec
  • Cole McCormick - Ontario
  • Geneva Roach - Alberta
  • Chantal Singer - Ontario

Elite Team

  • Taryn Grant - Manitoba
  • Dorien Llewellyn - Alberta
  • Jason McClintock - Ontario
  • Whitney McClintock - Ontario
  • Alex Paradis - Quebec
  • Neilly Ross - Ontario

Senior A Team

  • Richard Abelson - Ontario
  • Peter Peebles - Alberta
  • Chuck Kraus - Alberta
  • Kristy Kraus - Alberta

Senior B Team

  • Richard Horwood - British Columbia
  • Jo-Anne Moore - Alberta
  • Peter Person - British Columbia
  • Mark Stevens - Ontario
Pan Am Mexico Instagram
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Nelly Spins to New Record

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