Sue Munn Officials Legacy Fund

Sue Munn has generously provided resources to create an ongoing fund to support the participation of Canadian water ski officials at Canadian domestic competitions. For the purposes of fund allocations, an official is defined as an individual acting in an official capacity in the following positions and are considered part of the tournament Jury:

  1. Chief of Competition
  2. Boat Driver
  3. Technical Controller
  4. Calculator
  5. Judge

The intent of the program is to distribute funds annually to support organizing committees to adhere to the requirement of utilizing a Level III or Pan Am/IWWF certified official to run a Record Capable or World Ranking List tournament water ski event. Only events that have been sanctioned as Canadian Record Capable or World Ranking List tournament water ski events prior to submitting an application to the Sue Munn Officials Legacy Fund will be considered.

All monies granted from the Sue Munn Officials Legacy Fund are intended to subsidize the travel and accommodation expenses associated with a specific named official as detailed by the organizing committee in their Application to the Fund.

The Officials Legacy Fund is not intended to support officials mentoring activities nor is it meant to support the compensation of local officials for their volunteer commitment to an event.

Application Deadline: July 7, 2023

Decision made by: July 21, 2023

CLIQUEZ ICI for more information and to view the Eligibility Criteria

CLIQUEZ ICI for the online application