Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is thrilled to announce Saskatchewan’s Blake Lamontagne as the recipient of the 2023 Adaptive Male Athlete of the Year award. Blake’s exceptional dedication, resilience, and passion for fitness truly embody the spirit of a true sportsman.

Throughout the winter of 2023, Blake demonstrated unparalleled commitment to his craft, undertaking rigorous training in the gym to achieve unprecedented levels of strength and endurance. His efforts culminated in an outstanding performance at the AWSC High-Performance Camp in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in April.

Despite facing adversity due to injury during the spring, Blake’s determination remained unyielding. He temporarily paused his workouts and on-water training, returning promptly as soon as physically able.

Blake showcased his remarkable skills at both the Canadian Western Championships in British Columbia and the Canadian National Championships in Alberta, setting personal bests in trick. His relentless pursuit of excellence led him to an intensive training regimen in preparation for the World Championships in August.

At the World Championships, Blake exhibited unparalleled preparation and motivation, ultimately shattering a world record. His exceptional performance in trick earned him a remarkable score of 1440 points, breaking the MP3 Trick record and securing the 1st position among all MP3 competitors at the World Championships and 2nd among seated men. Moreover, Blake significantly contributed to Canada’s overall team success by earning valuable points in both the Slalom and the Jump events, accounting for 17.3% of the team’s total score points, which is the second highest among Canadian Team members. His instrumental role played a pivotal part in Canada securing a historic silver team medal for the first time in its history.

Blake Lamontagne’s outstanding achievements, coupled with his resilience and sportsmanship, make him a worthy recipient of the 2023 Adaptive Male Athlete of the Year award. His contributions to the sport of adaptive water skiing and his historic accomplishments at the World Championships underscore his unwavering dedication to excellence.

Congratulations, Blake, on this well-deserved honor!