WSWC is pleased to announce Lisa Williams as the recipient of the 2023 WSWC Volunteer of the Year Award! 

Over the years, Lisa has been an integral part of our community and has dedicated herself to the Adaptive Water Ski Program. From administrative duties to coaching, driving and providing unwavering support, she embodies the spirit of volunteerism and passion for the sport. 

Her role has been instrumental in the success of the National Team. Lisa’s dedication to organising and managing the high performance team for camps and competitions is unparalleled. Without her, Team Canada would not have achieved its historic milestones, including the first-ever team medal at the World Championships in 2023. 

Lisa’s selflessness extends beyond the Adaptive National Program as she works to ensure safe and respectful sport for all levels and abilities. Her dedication to beginners and national team members alike, setting up clinics and camps and managing logistics, demonstrates her kindness and leadership. 

Let’s celebrate Lisa for her countless hours, boundless energy and immeasurable impact on the adaptive water skiing community. Thank you Lisa for your passion, dedication and the joy you bring to the sport! Congratulations on this well-deserved award!