Adaptive Water Ski Canada Presents:
One-of-a-Kind Painting by Ryan Riehl

Join us in celebrating the sheer talent and determination of one of our Canadian National Team Athletes, Ryan Riehl. Beyond his impressive skills on the water, Ryan is a Visual and Hearing Impaired artist who has crafted a unique and breathtaking painting for a noble cause.

Fundraiser Details

  • Purpose: All proceeds from the auction of this painting will go towards supporting the Adaptive Water Ski Canada National Team as they gear up for the 2023 IWWF Disabled World Water Ski Championships.
  • Auction Opens: August 31, 2023
  • Auction Closes: September 11, 2023
  • CLICK HERE to place your bids

2023 IWWF Disabled World Water Ski Championships 

  • Event Date: September 11-17, 2023
  • Event Location: Elk Grove, California

Meet Team Canada

Comprising of 14 athletes from across the country, Team Canada stands united and ready for the challenges ahead. These athletes will be competing in the standing, vision impaired, and seated categories at the World Championships.

Athletes Representing Canada:

  • Marilou Allard (QC)
  • Nolan Barnes (SK)
  • Ashley Baerg (SK)
  • Kendra Erhardt (AB)
  • Rob Gosse (BC)
  • Todd Hubbs (SK)
  • Phil Kerr (ON)
  • Blake Lamontagne (SK)
  • Ryan Riehl (SK) – The talented artist behind our fundraiser
  • Dave Sagal (AB)
  • Braeson Schacher (AB)
  • Jonathan Sieswerda (AB)
  • Jon Thurston (ON)
  • Gord Tuck (BC)

Team Canada Coaching Staff:

  • Rae-Lee Colcleugh
  • Todd Schafer
  • Dave Wassill
  • Lisa Williams

Adaptive Water Ski Canada is immensely proud of its athletes and their dedication. We invite you to join hands with us, support our mission, and take home a piece of art that speaks of talent, dedication, and passion.

Bid Now for Ryan Riehl’s Painting

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement towards Adaptive Water Ski Canada and its incredible athletes.