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Water Ski Canada Celebrates Paige Rini’s Podium Finish at 2023 WWS Overall Tour

Water Ski Canada is proud to announce that National Team Member Paige Rini has secured a place on the podium at the completion of the World Water Skiers Overall Tour. The highly competitive WWS Florida Cup, which took place this past weekend, solidified the rankings for the 2023 WWS Overall Tour, and Paige has come out with a bronze medal for her exceptional performance throughout the season.

Representing Ontario, Paige Rini has shown consistency, skill, and determination throughout the season. Her achievements this year include a commendable second-place finish at the WWS Lacanau Cup, which marked the first stop of the tour. This was followed by impressive fourth-place finishes at both the WWS Calgary Cup and the recently concluded WWS Florida Cup.

“Paige’s dedication to the sport and her commitment to training have been evident with her podium finish,” said a spokesperson for Water Ski Canada. “She is not just a remarkable athlete, but an inspiration for upcoming skiers.”

Paige’s accomplishment further solidifies Canada’s place in the world of water skiing, showcasing the talent and perseverance of our athletes on the global stage. As a valued member of the National Team, Paige’s achievements echo the strength and potential of Canadian water skiers.

Water Ski Canada congratulates Paige Rini for her outstanding performances this summer and is looking forward to more exceptional achievements this year and the years to come.

About Water Ski Canada:

Water Ski Canada is the national governing body for the sport of water skiing in Canada. Committed to the growth and promotion of the sport, Water Ski Canada supports athletes, organizers, and enthusiasts at all levels, from grassroots to elite competitions.

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