As the curtains close on the thrilling 2023 water ski season, it’s time to reflect on the awe-inspiring moments that defined this year. From Ontario to Alberta and down to the U.S., these remarkable athletes pushed the boundaries, leaving a splash of records in their wake.

Neilly Ross’s Trick Masterclass

Adding to the list of extraordinary accomplishments, we rewind to the beginning of the 2023 season, where Ontario’s Neilly Ross showcased her tricking prowess in Florida. Neilly left spectators in awe as she tricked an astounding 11,120 points, not only setting the Open Women Trick Record but also securing the Women Trick Record.

Dave Mann’s Double Triumph in Men 70+ Slalom

The season kicked off with a splash for Dave Mann. Hailing from Ontario, Dave delivered a stellar performance at the Capital Slalom Challenge in late June. Competing in the Men 70+ Slalom category, Dave not only broke the record once but did it twice in a single weekend. His first astounding feat was 2@12m/52km, followed by an even more impressive record of 4@12m/52km the next day.

Reg Toliver’s Home Soil Triumph at Nationals

August witnessed a stellar display of skill by Reg Toliver from Alberta at the 2023 Canadian Water Ski Championships. Competing in the Men 80+ Slalom category, Reg set the waters ablaze with a record-breaking performance, achieving an impressive 5@18.25m/49km. What makes this feat even more special is that he accomplished it on his home turf in Edmonton, Alberta.

Kristy Kraus’ End of Season Record

The excitement continued into September as Kristy Kraus from Alberta made waves in Texas. At this event, Kristy achieved a new Women 45+ Slalom record with a score of .5@11.25m/52km.


As we bid adieu to the 2023 water ski season, a resounding congratulations echoes across the waters to Dave Mann, Reg Toliver, Kristy Kraus, and Neilly Ross. Their dedication, skill, and unwavering spirit have not only broken records but have also set a new standard for excellence in water skiing.

Stay tuned for more exhilarating moments as we eagerly anticipate the upcoming water ski season. Until then, let the ripples of these record-breaking achievements inspire the water skiing community to reach new heights on the water.