Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography 

Water Ski Canada (WSC) proudly announces Alberta’s Sean Kraus and Nova Scotia’s Olivia Chute as the distinguished recipients of the 2023 Manoo and Jean Gurjar Legacy Fund Scholarship.

Established in 2011, the Manoo and Jean Gurjar Legacy Fund is a benevolent initiative borne from the legacy donation of Dr. Manoo and Jean Gurjar of Vancouver, British Columbia. As a testament to Dr. Manoo’s enduring passion for water skiing – evidenced by his spirited competitions in the Men 9 category (75+) and his eminent presence at events – this scholarship seeks to inspire and support the next generation of Canadian water skiers.

Both Sean and Olivia encapsulate the spirit of this prestigious award, demonstrating a fervent love for the sport, unwavering commitment to education, exemplary sportsmanship, and an innate drive to compete and give back to the community.

The Legacy Fund’s mission is to annually provide financial assistance to one male and one female skier. Upholding the ideals set by Dr. Manoo Gurjar, an allocation of $1,000 is earmarked for each deserving recipient to assist in their skiing endeavors and academic pursuits. The criteria for selection is stringent, with a significant emphasis on qualities that mirror the generous spirit and dedication of the Gurjars.

Recipients are expected to use the financial aid to bolster their water ski training and competitive pursuits, in addition to managing academic-related expenses. Sean and Olivia will be required to furnish proof of their academic registration for the 2023-2024 year, ensuring that the scholarship’s intentions are wholly realized.

WSC remains deeply grateful to the Gurjar family for their vision and enduring support of Canadian water skiing talents. We celebrate the achievements of Sean and Olivia and are eager to witness their continued success in water skiing and academics.


Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography

Photo Credit: Johnny Hayward Photography