2023 MasterCraft Pro Open Women Slalom Podium. PC: Waterski Pro Tour 

Water Ski Canada proudly celebrates the outstanding performances of its National Team athletes at the 2023 MasterCraft Pro, held this past weekend in Polk City, Florida.

Leading the Canadian team, Ontario’s Jaimee Bull made waves as she secured the 2nd place in the Open Women Slalom category, with an impressive score of 1@10.25m. Hot on her heels was fellow Ontarian, Whitney McClintock Rini, who claimed the third place, completing the podium finishes for the Open Women Slalom.

Not to be outdone, Paige Rini of Ontario delivered a commendable performance, finishing in 6th place for Open Women Slalom. In the men’s division, Cole McCormick, also hailing from Ontario, finished 4th in Open Men Slalom with an impressive score of 4@10.25m. Stephen Neveu of Alberta rounded out the Canadian highlights with a 9th place finish in Open Men Slalom.

The 2023 MasterCraft Pro Tour event showcased an array of international talent, and Water Ski Canada is elated at the notable presence and achievements of its athletes on such a grand platform.

“We are extremely proud of our athletes who have dedicated countless hours to training. Their performances at the MasterCraft Pro are a testament to their dedication and the strength of water skiing in Canada,” said Water Ski Canada Spokesperson.

Water Ski Canada continues to be a frontrunner in promoting the sport, fostering talent, and cheering on the relentless spirit of its athletes. As the athletes move forward in the season, the organization is optimistic about the future performances and the promising trajectory of Canadian water skiing.