Dorien Llewellyn Jumping in the Men’s Jump Finals on October 23, 2023 at the 2023 Santiago Pan American Games. 

Photo by Express Media / Panam Sports

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada proudly congratulates Dorien Llewellyn on his outstanding performance at the 2023 Santiago Pan American Games. In a thrilling display of skill and determination, Dorien secured two silver medals in Men’s Jump and Tricks.

In the highly competitive Men’s Jump Finals, Llewellyn delivered an extraordinary performance, leaping 64.5 meters, merely 0.2 meters short of claiming the gold medal. Addressing his incredible feat, he said, “It was a good day. Obviously getting medals at all is awesome and to get two in the two finals I was in is great.”

Reflecting on his silver in the jump event, Llewellyn stated, “I’d be lying if I said the silver in Jump wasn’t a little disappointing, especially to come that close. You’re talking about .2 meters; it’s tough.” He also acknowledged the challenges he faced following a significant foot injury, remarking, “I hold myself to a high standard and I feel like coming back from this injury with my foot, I’m just not where I was before, and it’s tough when you feel like you’re a little bit stuck in a cage.” In a gracious nod to his competitors, he added, “At the end of the day, Milo went out and crushed a jump, and I couldn’t match that. So congrats to him.”

Llewellyn’s exceptional day continued with the Men’s Trick Finals, where he achieved a remarkable 10,690 points. “To back it up with another silver in trick was great,” he remarked. “I was sitting in fourth going into the finals, and I went out and stood up. The name of the game is to always stand up and let everyone else make mistakes. The two guys made a couple of mistakes, and that’s just the game.”

Although he hasn’t yet secured the gold, Llewellyn remains resilient and focused. Looking ahead to the Men’s Overall Finals, slated for tomorrow, October 24, 2023, he expressed his determination, saying, “I haven’t gotten that medal yet that’s the right color, but the overall final tomorrow, so I’ll try to step it up.”

Dorien also discussed the emotional and physical challenges of returning to the jump event following a major injury, explaining, “Today was probably the first jump set where I came into it, and I was super pumped. It’s tough to go out there knowing that you had a serious injury in jump.” He further emphasized, “It’s improvements mentally and physically on the water.”

As he anticipates the upcoming finals, Llewellyn exudes confidence, stating, “I feel good. Everything I did today was an improvement on the first round, so if I just keep that momentum going, then I feel really good about where I am.” He highlighted the importance of consistency, sharing, “At the end of the day, same thing as what I did in the trick finals. You’ve got to go out there; you’ve got to put a score down. Other people might make mistakes, you try to limit your own and just see what happens.”

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is proud to support Dorien Llewellyn in his quest for excellence, and we invite fans to join us in cheering him on as he embarks on the Men’s Overall Finals, where he will compete in Slalom, Trick, and Jump. It’s sure to be another remarkable day on the water.

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