Level 3 Officials Exam Application


This rules exam is designed for Judges, Calculators and Boat Drivers. It is written to test your knowledge of rules specific to those you may need in a competition. It is not a test of memory and is therefore “open book”. It is a test to ensure that you are familiar with the contents of your Rule Book. Each question has enough information provided to find the answer in the Rule Book, without having to assume other actions outside the scope of the question. You are encouraged to complete it independently. It will form part of the criteria for your advancement to a Level 3 Judge, Calculator or Boat Driver, as well as being required to maintain your Level 3 standing.

Good Luck!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Taryn Grant

Email: Taryn@wswc.ca

CLICK HERE to apply to write the 2023 Water Ski Officials Level 3 Exam