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Dorien Llewellyn set a pending Mens World Overall record Oct. 8th, at the JT Fall Classic at Sunset Lakes.

He slalomed 1 buoy at 41 off, tricked 11,010 points and jumped 223 feet (2,851.29 overall points) to top the previous record of 2,819.76 points set by  Adam Sedlmajer in 2018.

If approved by the IWWF, the mark will return the World Overall record to the Llewellyn family. Dorien’s dad, Jaret, held the record on two different occasions, including an uninterrupted stretch of nearly 15 years between 2002 and 2017.

Congrats Dorien!

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World U21 Waterski Championships – Ukraine Dnipro – Press Release


The stage is set and fully prepared in Dnipro Ukraine for the arrival of 88 athletes from 23 countries who will compete in Slalom, Tricks and Jump. The World U21 Waterski Championships of the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) is where the Open stars of the future will prove themselves on July 13/16. This year, the current rising standards will certainly create some sensations based on recent outstanding performances.

The Sentosa Waterski Club river site is a well proven one having hosted National Waterski Championships, Europe Africa Youth Championships and many Cash Prize events. The IWWF World U21 Waterski Championships will be exclusively towed by the world-record breaking Ski Nautique 200 Closed Bow boat. 

The twenty three countries represented in Dnipro will include Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, France, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, USA – and of course the home country Ukraine.

With so many outstanding young male and female IWWF competitors at this time, highlighting possible gold medallists in all three events is quite a challenge. In Slalom, watch out for Sweden’s Jacob Bogne, Canada’s Cole McCormick and Dorien Llewellyn, and Robert Pigozzi of the Dominican Republic. Bogne holds Sweden’s National Slalom Record, McCormick was the 2016 PanAm Slalom Champion. Pigozzi was Junior World Champion and World Record holder. All are capable of scoring on the very short 10.25m line.

In Tricks, given the exceptional talent of the particular athletes involved, all eyes are likely be on the Women. Watch out for fantastic performances from Anna Gay (USA) and Neilly Ross (CAN). In the Open IWWF Rankings, they occupy the top two places – extraordinary for U21 athletes. Gay also has a pending World Tricks Record of 10,880 points under consideration! Ross scored 10,350 to take the Nautique Masters title in the USA just some weeks ago. Will we see a new World Record? Also, Gianmarco Pajni (ITA) and Patricio Font (MEX) will keep the spotlight on the Men and will certainly break the 10,000 points barrier. Watch out for Dorien Llewellyn again in this event, the 2016 PanAm Championships gold medallist. The future certainly looks bright for such young talent.
Finally, in Jump,  British athlete Jack Critchley, Australia’s Josh Wallent, Sweden’s Felix Blomquist and Canada’s Dorien Llewellyn, can all break that 60 meter distance. That will pose a thrilling Podium challenge. On the Women’s side, this could be a big one for the talented Aliaksandra Danisheuskaya (BLR). IWWF
THURSDAY July 13 – 08.00hrs Start
Men Slalom Series 5,4, Women Slalom Series 4
Men Tricks Series 3,2,1, Women Tricks Series 3,2,1
FRIDAY July 14 – 08.00hrs Start
Women Slalom Series 3,2,1, Men Slalom Series 3,2,1
Women Jump Series 3, Men Jump Series 4
SATURDAY July 15 – 09.00hrs Start
Women Jump Series 2,1, Men Jump Series 3,2,1
FINALS – Women Slalom, Men Slalom
SUNDAY July 16 – 10.00hrs Start
FINALS – Women Tricks, Men Tricks
FINALS – Women Jump, Men Jump 

Canadian Under 21 Team

Thomas Daigle
Cole McCormick
Neilly Ross
Page Rini
Dominique Grondin Allard

Watch Live on Youtube

Qualification 7/13

Qualification 7/14

Slalom Final 7/15

Slalom Final 7/15

Trick Final 7/16

Jump Final 7/17

Canadian Team Photos


Team Instagram

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Results & Running Order – Live scores

U21 video

Special Thanks to Canadian Team Sponsors

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Pan American 2016 Tournament

OTTAWA, ON – Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada is pleased to announce its team for the 2016 IWWF Pan American Water Ski Championships.  Canada will send a group of twenty-five skiers to the Pan American Championships taking place in Chapala, Mexico, November 14-20, 2016.


“I am excited for this Team as we have strong representation in all events” said National Team Head Coach Steve Bush.
Steve Bush
Head Coach

Canada will be represented by the following athletes.

Official WSWC press release for the Pan American Championships 2016

Under 13 Team

Under 17 Team

Under 21 Team

Elite Team

Senior A Team

Senior B Team

Pan Am Mexico Instagram
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