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2017 IWWF World Waterski Open Championships – Press Release



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Canada Stands Strong at the World Water Ski Championships

OTTAWA, ON – Water Ski Canada is pleased to congratulate our Canadian athletes on a successful World Water Ski Champions, in Paris, France, September 3-10, 2017.

Despite the rain and wind, Canada stood strong against athletes from 31 countries and captured 2 gold, 1 silver, and 2 bronze medals; 4 top eight finishes; and a third place team finish.  This represents one of Canada’s strongest World Championships and demonstrates the depth of the Canadian program with medals and top 9 finishes earned by 9 athletes.

In Women’s Slalom finals action, Whitney McClintock (Canada) and Regina Jaquess (USA) tied for 1st with 2 @ 10.75. The runoff proved to be an epic battle as both skiers completed the 11-meter pass (tailwind) off the dock.  One of the highlights of the Championships, it took 2 rounds to determine the winner, with Regina taking the gold and Whitney the silver medal.  Canada’s 17-year-old Jaimee Bull won her first World Championships medal, scoring 4 on the 11.25 line to earn a bronze medal.  Two podiums in women’s slalom marks a first for Canada, with Neilly Ross making it into the finals and finishing 11th

In the Men’s Slalom final Jason McClintock (Canada) was 2nd of 12 finalists off the dock.  Posting the top score of 1.5 buoys @ 10.75, Jason waited anxiously as the remaining 10 skiers chased his score which held up and earned him a bronze medal behind Great Britain’s William Asher (2nd at 2.5 @ 10.75) and Frederick Winter (1st at 3 @ 10.75).

In the Women’s Trick final, vying for gold, Neilly Ross (Canada) added the front flip, nailing her run with a score of 10220 points.  Anna Gay (USA), last off the dock, skiing at a fast pace, fell on her toe pass, opening the door for Erika Lang (USA) at 9820 points to claim 2nd and Natallia Berdnikava (BLR) at 9520 points for 3rd. Paige Rini (Canada) in her first World Open Championships, nailed her run in prelims and topped it off in the finals to finish 7th with 7720 points.

In the Men’s Trick final, Dorien Llewellyn (Canada) tricked over ten thousand points but after video reviewed finished 9th at 9980 points. Legendary Jaret Llewellyn competed in Trick realizing his goal of competing alongside his son but failed to advance to the finals, still struggling to return back at full power after his severe crash at the 2015 World Championships.

In the Men’s Jump finals, coming off a record setting season, Ryan Dodd (Canada) – top seed in the finals – read the conditions perfectly. Attacking on his first jump, Ryan captured gold with one jump with a distance of 68.4 meters, followed by Freddy Krueger (USA) at 65.9 meters and Taylor Garcia (USA) at 62.9 meters.  Alex Paradis (Canada) finished 8th with a jump of 61.2 meters. Alex was only 1.5 meters off the podium and moved from 10th to 8th since last Worlds.  This is Ryan’s second consecutive World jump title.

In the Women’s Jump finals, Taryn Grant (Canada) finished 8th with a jump of 61.2 meters; and similar to Alex was only 1.7 m off the podium.  Canada’s Whitney McClintock finished in 13th place at 46.1 meters and Dominique Grondin Allard who fell in finals, finished 19th at 41.4 meters.

Overall was hard fought and young gun Dorien Llewellyn finished in a very respectable 5th place.   Jumping earlier in the week with adverse wind condition ultimately affected his overall score. Strong in all three events, he is on track to podium at the 2019 Worlds.  Favored to win overall, Whitney McClintock’s fall in Tricks moved her back to 10th position.  Challenging water conditions combined with sporadic wind gusts proved difficult for skiers to maximize performance.         

In the Team event, Canada finished 3rd behind France and USA.  Canada’s goal of winning the team title fell short with the limited combination of backup scores.  Belarus was close behind in 4th position. 

With athlete’s sights set on the podium, prelim conditions varied day to day which made making the cut challenging. Other Canadian athletes putting in respectable finishes but not advancing to finals include:     

  • Slalom: Breanne Dodd skied 3.5 @ 12, Taryn Grant skied 3 @ 12, Dorien Llewellyn skied 3 @ 11.25 and Stephen Neveu skied 5 @ 12 who opted up from 13m to 11m and managed to score 5 buoys at 11 m but was scored at 12 m because he did not complete the pass.   
  • Trick: Whitney McClintock tricked 4390 points.
  • Jump: Dorien Llewellyn went 56.8 meters.

Lead by National Team Head Coach Steve Bush, Assistant Coach Cole Grant and newcomer Darren Wharrie as the team’s medical, Team Canada continued to prove they are a strong team with a depth of competitors that continues to dominate on the international stage.

“I am truly proud of how our athletes performed” said National Team Head Coach Steve Bush.  “This was a challenging tournament with the busy water, rain and wind, and our athletes experience and training paid off.  I am very proud of their accomplishments both on and off the water”.

Congratulations to our 2017 World Water Ski Championship athletes!

Check out Team Canada getting ready for the Worlds at Sesena Water Ski Club, Spain!

Photo video

Video training

The Ski Nautique 200 was the official towboat of the World Water Ski Championships and Nautique is the official tow boat of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada

Team Canada is proudly supported by @GP8 water, @Kelsey Trailer, @Nautique Boats

Canadian Athletes

First Name

Last Name



























Grondin Allard














Gold Performances – Canada’s Neilly Ross won the gold medal in Women’s Trick with 10220 points and Ryan Dodd won the gold medal in Men’s Jump at 68.4 meters.  Great Britain’s Frederick Winter won Men’s Slalom (2 @ 10.25); USA’s Regina Jaquess won Women’s Slalom (1 @ 10.25); USA’s Adam Pickos won Men’s Trick with 11,570 points; Australia’s Jacinta Carroll won Women’s Jump at 55.1 meters; USA’s Regina Jaquess won Women’s Overall with 2549.88 points; and Chile’s Felipe Miranda won Men’s Overall with 2751.18 points.







Ryan Dodd
Taryn Grant
Dorien Llewellyn
Jason McClintock
Whitney McClintock
Neilly Ross


Jaimee Bull
Breanne Dodd
Dominique Grondin-Allard
Paige Rini
Jaret Llewellyn
Stephen Neveu
Alex Paradis


Steve Bush
Cole Grant
Matt Rini
Drew Ross
Darren Wharrie


Instagram post 2157079537165557786_4133900391 #Repost @dorienllewellyn
Today I broke the Canadian National Trick record! A record held for a long time by my dad. I can’t describe how much he has meant to my life on and off the water, but this picture is one of my favorites and shows he’s literally always got me. So I’d like to think that today was for both of my parents, for all the hard work and time they have given to me, although they’ve never expected anything in return. Thank you for everything, but we aren’t done yet! #lifeofawaterskier #waterski #waterskiing #teamcanada #worldwaterskiers #teamcanski #waterskicanada @waterskiwakeboardalberta @worldwaterski @iwwfed
Instagram post 2153016086072026712_4133900391 Good luck to Taryn Grant and Alex Paradis at the 2019 ANOC World Beach Games in Doha, Qatar. 
Tune in on Sunday to watch them compete LIVE. Click the link in the bio for more info!

#teamcanski #waterskicanada #waterski @wswbc @waterskiwakeboardalberta @waterskiwakeboardsask @wswmanitoba @wswo @waterskiontario @waterski_wakeboard_ns @iwwfed @anocolympic @awbg2019
Instagram post 2147545200896311050_4133900391 It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada Hall of Fame member Andy Murdison. Andy passed away on September 27th, 2019, in his 74th year. Andy turned his passion for sport and his athleticism into countless Canadian Water Ski Championships (one of his records still stands today), representing Canada twice at the World Championships, twice in the Pan Am Games and ultimately an induction into Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada's Hall of Fame in 2011. Our condolences go out to his family and friends. Andy will be deeply missed within the towed water sports community. 
The celebration of life will take place at the Pepper Mill Steak House on October 26th from 11:00 - 2:30 pm, 15141 Hwy 35, Carnarvon
Donations can be made in his memory to Haliburton Highlands Health Services Foundation (HHHSF) or the Charity of your choice and can be arranged through the Gordon A. Monk Funeral Home Ltd., P.O. Box 427, Minden, Ontario K0M 2K0.

@wswbc @waterskiwakeboardalberta @waterskiwakeboardsask @wswmanitoba @wswo @waterskiontario @waterski_wakeboard_ns @nswaterski  @wakecanada @showskicanada @wswcanada

Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada (WSWC) is pleased to announce its newly elected Board of Directors and thank outgoing Directors for their valued contributions and service. WSWC is pleased to present the 2019-2020 Board of Directors:

Cory Bate – PSO Director
Russ Dickson – At Large Director
Zack Grossman – At Large Director
Steve Jarrett – Wake Director
Jay Kolewaski – At Large Director
Paige Nagribianko – At Large Director
Stephen Neveu – Athlete Director
Jennifer Pate – At Large Director
Drew Ross – Water Ski Director
Dustin Titus – At Large Director

Special thanks to all those who ran for a position with WSWC.  WSWC is pleased to recognize and thank exiting Board members Richard Gray, Jo-Anne Moore and Peter Person, for their hard work, commitment and support.  Their passion and dedication to the growth and development of towed water sports has been valued and appreciated – thank you! •••
Ski nautique et planche Canada (SNPC) est heureux d’annoncer son nouveau conseil d’administration élu et remercie les directeurs sortants pour leurs précieuses contributions et services. SNPC est heureux de présenter le conseil d’administration 2019-2020:

Cory Bate – directeur des OPS
Russ Dickson – directeur en général
Zack Grossman – directeur en général
Steve Jarrett – directeur de planche
Jay Kolewaski – directeur en général
Paige Nagribianko – directeur en général
Stephen Neveu – directeur des athlètes
Jennifer Pate – directeur en général
Drew Ross – directeur de ski nautique
Dustin Titus – directeur en général

@joannemoore425 @athletescan @sirc_canada @iwwfed  #teamcanski #waterskicanada #wakecanada #showskicanada #adaptivecanada #barefootcanada #boardofdirectors #wswcanada @sportcanada @wakecanada @showskicanada @awscanada @iwwfed
Instagram post 2132137467531750101_4133900391 Congratulations Ryan Dodd on being named a finalist for the AthletesCAN Social Responsibility Award.

#CDNAthleteLeaders 🇨🇦

#Repost @rdodd260 ・・・
Super thankful to be a finalist for the @athletescan Social Responsibility Award.
It’s an annual award for a current or former national team athlete in any sport who has made a significant contribution to society through sport and / or volunteer initiatives that have made a positive impact in Canada or Internationally. 
@ywamsdb @wswcanada @waterskiwakeboardalberta @wswbc @waterskiwakeboardsask  @wswmanitoba  @wswo  @waterski_wakeboard_ns @athletescan @iwwfed @worldwaterski @nautiqueboats @cbc.sports @cbc @globalnews @showskicanada @awscanada #teamcanski #waterskicanadaopen
Instagram post 2130956561299021327_4133900391 Head over to @awscanada and give them a follow to stay up to date with adaptive water ski in Canada!

#teamcanski #waterskicanada #canada #adaptivewaterski #adaptiveathletes #canadianathletes #teamcanada #slalom #trick #jump #lifeofawaterskier
Instagram post 2130946303365364319_4133900391 Canadian Adaptive National Team water ski athlete Nolan Barnes, became the best in the world this summer. Click the link in the bio to watch his interview on @globalnews 
#Repost @awscanada with @get_repost
Nolan Barnes being featured for his performance at the World Championships in Norway!

#teamcanski #waterskicanada #adaptivewaterski #adaptiveathlete #adaptivesports @saskatoonwaterskiclub @wswsask @wswbc @waterskiwakeboardalberta @wswmanitoba @waterskiontario @waterski_wakeboard_ns @iwwfed @worldwaterski @nautiqueboats @wswcanada
Instagram post 2130041546912071069_4133900391 CANADA NAMES TEAM FOR THE 2019 IWWF PAN AM SENIOR WORLDS

Water Ski Canada is pleased to announce the 2019 Team that will represent Canada at the 2019 IWWF Pan American Senior Water Ski Championships in Bujama, Peru on October 23-26.
Canada will be represented by:
35-44: Tiffany Edgecombe (AB) and Trent Finlayson (SK)
45-54: Wendy Durigon (ON), Jonathon Hayward (BC), Jay Kolewaski (AB) and Bob Wink (ON)
55-64: Danny Anderson (ON), Jean Cloutier (QC), Jo-Anne Moore (AB), Kathy Kreiner Phillips (BC), Dave Phillips (BC), Kate Ryan (ON) and Cindy Trueman (AB)
65+: Pierre Plouffe (QC)
Pierre Plouffe will serve as team leader.
Stay tuned for more details about the event 📸 @crowderphoto #teamcanski #waterskicanada #slalom #trick #jump @teamcanada @wswcanada @worldwaterski #lifeofawaterskier #panamchampionships
Instagram post 2124919365609969304_4133900391 A little #showski action at the 2019 Can Am Challenge. So happy to hear everyone had a lot of fun and thanks again to @skishalompark for hosting another successful event!

#teamcanski #waterskicanada #waterski #lifeofawaterskier #showskicanada #iwwf #worldwaterskiers @wswbc @waterskiwakeboardalberta @waterskiwakeboardsask @wswmanitoba @waterskiontario @waterski_wakeboard_ns @wswcanada
Instagram post 2123315615602317777_4133900391 Team Canada at the 2019 Can Am Challenge at @skishalompark. Round two starts today! For more action, head  over to Shalom Parks Instagram page. 
#teamcanski #waterskicanada #shalompark #canada #edmonton @usaws @iwwfed @worldwaterski @wswcanada #slalom #trick #jump #2019canamchallenge


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