Technical Committee

The Water Ski Canada Technical Committee is established to address a vital need within the competitive water ski community, that is, achieving greater uniformity of the rules and guidelines fundamental to running competitive water ski tournaments in Canada

Terms of Reference 

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Members of the Technical Committee: 

  • Stevie Collins
  • Russ Dickson
  • Steve Gosse
  • Jo-Anne Moore – Chair
  • Peter Person
  • Janice Stevens
  • Harold Townsend







Towed water sports has been a major part of Cory’s life since he was born, skiing from 5 years old and competing nationally throughout his teenage years. He found his real passion for the sport at 16 when he began coaching kids at Shawnigan Lake in BC. Cory’s theory has always been to maximize the experience of participating in towed water sports, in any discipline, at any level. This process led to his involvement at the WSWBC executive level as the water ski director for over 8 years (several years as the BC provincial team coach as well) 1 year as president, and the past 2 years as Executive Director where he has been able to effectively create/run a program in BC that has grown exponentially and continues to have success year after year due to the foundation of great young team members who have grown into coaches/mentors themselves. 

Cory looks forward to carrying this momentum into his role as the PSO Council Representative with WSWC. His passion for the sport is echoed by the other provinces, and he will relish this opportunity to breathe some new life into WSWC’s program with the intentions of doing his best to solidify a synergistic network that works together towards achieving what he believes to be common goal: growing towed water sports from it’s foundations – up through elite programs.