• Why Sanction An Event?

      Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada sanctions water ski (three-event) events, as well as clinics, practices and exhibitions.

      The term “sanction” refers to the approval of a towed water sport event, which means the following:
      1. The event has been carefully reviewed by WSWC and the applicable sport discipline staff.
      2. The required standards, officials and safety requirements have been met.
      3. Proper insurance coverage provided by WSWC, including general liability and athlete excess medical, is in place.<
      4. All participants will be active members of WSWC as applicable to the event sanction classification.
      5. The appropriate post-tournament paperwork will be completed following the event.
      An affordable comprehensive insurance program to protect the event organizer, volunteers and participants. Access to trained Canadian Towed Water Sports officials who are trained to ensure that each event is safe and fair for the competitors. Participants will recognize that the event meets the required standards for the event classification and will be conducted in a safe and fair environment.


      There are five levels of tournaments within Water Ski and Wakeboard Canada’s (WSWC) classification system. Class F Recreational
      This level of tournament or water ski activity is specifically designed for recreation and fun. The tournament or activity can take any form and use any rules, requiring no formal WSWC sanction. Suggested guidelines for Recreational water ski activities are available in other WSWC publications.

      Class F Novice

      This level of tournament is designed for beginning competitive skiers. Wide variations from the rules set forth here are permitted. WSWC sanction is not required. Results from Novice tournaments are not eligible for entry qualification to other classes of WSWC tournaments. Guidelines for Novice tournaments are available in other WSWC publications.

      Class 1 Sanctioned

      This level of tournament is designed for competitive skiers. WSWC sanction is required. Results from Class I tournaments are eligible for entry qualification to the Eastern Canadian, Western Canadian, Atlantic Canadian and Canadian National Championships. The rules set forth here govern Class I tournaments with special rules exceptions outlined in Appendix I. Sanction policies for Class I tournaments are included as Appendix VIII.

      Canadian Record Capability & World Ranking List

      CRC/WRL Canadian Record Capability. This level of tournament is designed for advanced competitors. Special WSWC record capability sanction is required. The rules set forth here, in addition to the record capability policies included as Appendix II, govern CRC tournaments. Results from WRL tournaments are eligible for consideration for the IWWF World Ranking List.

      World Record Capability

      WRC World Record Capability This level of tournament is designed for international level competitors. Results from WRC tournaments are eligible for consideration as IWWF World and Region records. Special WSWC record capability sanction is required. WRC tournaments are governed by the rules set forth here, the record capability policies outlined in Appendix II, and the additional WRC rules contained at the end of Appendix II.

      Tournament classifications can be combined.

      Water Ski Rule Book: CLICK HERE

      If you have any questions or concerns, please contact


  • How Do I Sanction My Event?

    • The sanctioning process varies depending on the type of event you are hosting.

      STEP 1

      If you are hosting a water skiing (three-event), you must first distingush what type of event you will be hosting. Review the EVENT CLASSIFICATIONS list and the FEE CHART before filling out the application.

      If you’re applying for an IWWF Record Capability or Ranking List sanction, you must also regsiter your event HERE

      Review the 2017 Rule Book

      STEP 2

      Go to the Officials Resources to find all officials documents. Click HERE

      STEP 3

      Go to Officials Directory Click HERE
      * find Officials for hosting a tournament.

      STEP 4

      Check your Entries
      * Make sure all officials hold active memberships with their provincial organizations. WSWC will verify

      STEP 5

      Your sanction must be paid 7 days prior to the event. We accept payments online or by cheque

      STEP 6

      Email Results
      WSWC will email you a confirmation package. Please review the memorandum for information regarding the event and the required documents that need to be submitted following the event